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Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience / MINDLab


Kira Vibe Jespersen

2014.11.17 | People

Funding from TrygFonden

Kira Vibe Jespersen from the Music In the Brain group has just received DKK 625.000 from TrygFonden for her project "Bedre nat - bedre dag".

2014.10.07 | Research news

New Music In the Brain center

CFIN researcher and head of the Music In the Brain research group, Peter Vuust has just received funding - up to DKK 52 mio - from The Danish National Research Foundation for a new Center of Excellence.

2014.10.05 | Awards

Alzheimer Prize for Leif Østergaard

Head of CFIN/MINDLab, Professor Leif Østergaard has received DKK 100.000 from The Danish Alzheimers Association


Tue 02 Dec
13:00-14:30 | PET-center meeting room, 6th floor, AUH building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44
Master thesis defense: Emilie Mørcholdt Sørensen
Master thesis by Emilie Mørcholdt Sørensen: Autistic behavior in adolescent Fmr1 knockout mice – with parallels to the valproate rat model of autism
Mon 15 Dec
09:00-16:30 | DNC Auditorium and Pathology Auditorium, AUH, Nørrebrogade 44, Aarhus C
Aarhus CTH Meeting 2014
The Aarhus CTH Meeting 2014 brings together experts from within neuroscience, vascular physiology, neurovascular coupling, neurovascular diseases, acoustic and optical imaging, modeling of the microcirculation, neurology and neuroimaging to discuss the role of capillaries in the coupling of hemodynamics to the metabolic demands of tissue, and in disease.

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